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"Hiking is just walking where it's okay to pee. Sometimes old people hike by mistake."

I was reading all my entries on this page and I've basically been in the same place in my life since July. I suck. I should look at what I'm doing wrong.

No really, I'm going to bed now.
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This was funny.Collapse )

I've noticed an ongoing trend of Vancouver/BG kids moving up to Seattle. I'd have to go up for another visit to see if I could follow said trend, but I'm not sure. I felt too much like a tourist (because I will never understand WHY UNIVERSITY WAY = THE AVE! is it called University Way Ave? NO IT'S NOT.), and a huge part of my heart is still aching for San Francisco.
I wish I could quit my job and just spend a week in SF and a week in Seattle. And two more weeks roadtrippin' it around WA, OR and CA. ...HA. I'm gonna travel around WAORCA.
SORRY PT. 2, it was funny to me.
It's a little tough. I try to live by "Location isn't the problem, you're the problem" but it's hard when I think about this depression shit really hit hard when I moved here.
Also when I'm not the only one who's unhappy--I was at the mall a month or so ago, and these two girls were chatting up this boy, and all three of them were talking about how they hate Vancouver.

So I haven't been feeling too well lately, in mood and in health, but I am trying my damn hardest to keep my head up. Apparently it hasn't been working, though. I already can't wait for this month to be over. I'm so cold all the time.

I'm putting the whole job-hunting thing on hold for a while because no one is hiring. The 17th is my year anniversary at my job. Ew.
Megan's hair at 12, nails at 6, probably hanging with Doan after that.
Oh yeah--I'm so glad I have the Doanster as my bestie. She came over today and I had a good ol' cry. Then we acted like seventh grade girls. I'm not sure what I'd do without her.
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I just saw a commericial for Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, and all I have to say is WTF.
I love sleeping in and being lazy. I love that I have some me time! Lovely.

Can I say I don't love Christmas and not get shunned for it? I'm already sick of the season.

People are so interesting. The changes they go through, or how some stay exactly the same as you change.
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I'm updating from the wii because I am so cool. Totally not lame.

My parents come back from nyc past midnight tomorrow. i want a million tattoos. I'm going to seattle with katie m. and that amy girl on friday! i'm excited.

btw who the hell is coming to my halloween party? so far only sera and some of kate's friends have rsvped. i need to know b/c i need to get food.

like how my grammar got progressively worse?
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I love the Scrubs episode "My Bed Banter and Beyond." I'm watching it on DVD and it's longer than the TV version. It's one of my favorite episodes. I have it in for background noise because my music is taking roughly eight years to download.

It's a matter of trust, because you don't care about us.Collapse )

Life right now is comfortable. I'm not unhappy, and I'm not bored--yet. I know I will be quickly. But right now, I'm just a little uneasy to remove myself from that comfort zone. For the typical 'What if I fail?' reasons, but also because things are going well, and I'm not quite ready to fuck that up. It was a busy summer, and getting sick definitely knocked me on my ass and told me to take it easy. Maybe in a few weeks, I'll need to make some changes, or maybe it'll wait a few months. Right now, I just loosened my grip, and I need to get adjusted to that.

I need to sit down and write. None of this LJ crap, actually write. Because I have a lot going on (despite my former paragraph) and I can't let it all out via this circuit all the time. Because I have to censor myself on this, and I have to censor myself all the time anyway. It just gets tiring. You notice all this bullshit and you know others do too, but nobody wants to acknowledge or deal with it; we all just repress it and plaster smiles on our plastic faces and have superficical conversations because it's just easier that way. Well fuck it. I'll put pen to paper later and scream about it that way.

I got an e-mail the other day from an old...acquaintance would be the correct word, I suppose. It's so funny how things change in such a short amount of time. It reminded me of a place I was in not too long ago. It's funny how it used to be my life, and now it's the furthest thing from my mind currently.

Scrubs is done. My music is done. And I definitely am as well.
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So it's been interested these past few days. Sunday night I picked up these homeless kittens, which nobody in my household was pleased about. So Monday I took them over to my grandmother's place while I tried to find homes for them with no avail--who knew kitties would be so hard to give away? Yesterday my grandmother's co-worker took the boy kitty, my boss took the girl kitty with no tail, and I had two people interested in the other girl kitty. But today those two people have decided to be indecisive. BOO. So tomorrow I'm gonna take her to the shelter in Washougal because it's cats only and no kill. Becuase she can't live in my room forever, no matter how much a cutie she is. She was sleeping for a little and I was like, hmmm maybe I'll sneak downstairs then, but then she heard my mom coming home and woke up, and my mom came to play with her. My mom's on the phone with my grandmother and is trying to convince her. After work, I walked to Freddie's to get Kitty some toys and to pick up my prescription, then I decided to walk home. Bad day when the sun's out and you're wearing a tight black sweatshirt that you can't really take off. I came home and passed out.

I ran into Dylan while walking home. He passed me on his MOTORCYCLE and stopped, then revved his engine and I was like, What does that asshole think he's doing? Then he drove over on the sidewalk to me and I was like HOLY SHIT. It's been the first time we've seen each other since we called a truce. I asked him if he wanted a kitty and he was like, Dude I've got six.

My grandmother is going to seriously consider keeping the other kitty. Huzzah!

So I don't update this very often, and most of the time when I do, it's something lame like, 'Oh, life is life, hum de dum, blahblahwork,' but I'd like to think my life is fairly interesting--I interact with a variety of people every day who tell me amazing stories--and that I just lack good storytelling skills to make it sound as interesting as it seems. That, and I don't feel the need to document every detail that occurs in my life.

My grandmother is in my recently texted list. HA.
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We just got back from Elisha's reception and we've all been crying since we got home. I stopped for a second but my mom is on the phone with my brother telling him about it, and it makes me tear up a little and AHHHHHHH now I'm crying again. Gosh... I was fine the whole time, a little misty during the slideshow and the dance but I shrugged it off. We were about to leave and Elisha wouldn't let us leave until she danced with my dad. That was so sweet. I was the DD for my dad and apparently he cried the whole way home, I didn't notice because I wasn't driving my car so I had to focus. But once we got home, my mother was in tears and she told me that she never wanted kids until she babysat Elisha one day, and then I just lost it. ohhhh goodness. Seriously, just yesterday Elisha, Kaitlyn, Marshall, Chris and I were playing at the beach house, making a fort underneath the ping-pong table, telling stories about filthy McDonald's...god I am soooo crying right now. It's so weird...She's a Jolma now. Wow. Okay I need to stop with this entry because I need to blow my goddamn nose. wowwwwwwww.
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Whatever. A fucking smile with the lie. I'm pretending I'm something I'm not just to not stir the pot. I'm so afraid to say how I really feel about even the tiniest shit, I just agree with you and you're pleased.

While I'm dying inside. I can't do this anymore. You're gonna be sooo angry but for once I get to put myself first...

If only I can work up the balls.
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In Oklahoma, you only need an 8th grade education to get a cosmetology license!
Dead serious.
What the fuck!

And now I'm just playing the waiting game. I'm gonna call Oregon dept. of licensing on my lunch on Monday and see where my license stands--my check cashed, but I haven't received anything back from Washington's dept. yet.

Okay this show "Without Prejudice?" RETARDED. I am going to KILL this bald judgemental ASSHOLE.

I GET TO SEE SARA TONIGHT!!! I'm excited. I miss that girl.
AND Erik M. as well. Neat. I haven't seen that kid in a million years. AKA graduation.
Eww I am old.

That's it so far. I still need a haircut model but that's not crucial right now.