AMYAZING (lamestofthelame) wrote,

Today was my day off! it was lovely. I just met with my trainer, got lost in portland, and stayed at home playing video games because EVERYONE WORKED TONIGHT. Super lame.

Will Ferrell needs to quit with the bad sports movies while he's behind.

I bought an extra ticket to the Tegan and Sara show in Salem on April 17th, is anyone interested? I'd have to double-check, but I think it is 30 dollars after fees. I've never been to the venue it's at, but it's assigned seating, which is different. I also bought Paramore tickets (shut up I like them) for their April 10th appearance at the Salem Armory, which is a nice (but small) venue. I bought two tickets for T&S BECAUSE it was assigned seating, but Paramore is GA, so idk why I bought two tickets to that one, buttt I did. Paramore is I think 36 dollars.

I want to switch schools and jobs in the summer or fall, because I'm comfortable where I'm at currently but that does need to change. I don't HATE Clark or Supercuts, but I am fairly apathetic about both, and neither are very constructive to where I want to be later on in life.

I guess that's that. I only work tomorrow this weekend--it's very bizarre to have Friday and Sunday off! Sunday I still kinda work tho--I'm doing both Sera's and the new receptionist at work's hair, then I have a meeting. Then I work Monday then have Tuesday off. Weird.

I'm happy. I hope everyone else is too.

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