AMYAZING (lamestofthelame) wrote,

I told Anna that I finally accept the fact that it's Christmas.
This season surprisingly hasn't suck balls for me like it normally does. It's a little strange, because it seems as if it sucks for about every other .

I had an interview with Toni&Guy at the Lloyd Center about a week ago. The opportunity is great, but only if I want to make it my life. He also told me basically that I couldn't go to school. I want to GTFO of Supercuts, BUT I'M PICKY AND IT'S ANNOYING.

I'm hoping my mom gets some time to cut and color my hair today! IT FEELS SO GROSS.

Jeff Dunham is hilarious. In my opinion.

I gave blood for the first time today. She said my veins were so easy to find that she could find them in the dark. Then I almost passed out. My mom said I was paler than normal, if that's even possible.

My sister and my dad work tomorrow, so we're doing our presents tonight when my dad gets home, about seven. Neat. But then tomorrow, I have to go to my grandfather's house! GAHHHH! They say it's supposed to snow tonight, and this is the only time I am wishing for snow; I told my mom this and she said he wouldn't buy it and we'd still have to go down to Beaverton and see my oh-so-cheery family. GUHHHH.

My cat somehow fell last night, got half his body absolutely covered in mud, and it dried and he's all nasty dirty now. Fucking cat. I'm looking for somewhere to groom him, because I so do not want to wash him myself.

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