AMYAZING (lamestofthelame) wrote,

So I'm watching What Perez Sez About 2007. Oh VH1, you truly deliver when it comes to deliciously tacky television.

I have to write my family Christmas letter. My paragraph will look something like this:

"Amy (19) enjoys playing Zelda while whining about how much she hates her job at a corporate salon while doing nothing to resolve that problem. Pretty lame, huh? Yeah, plus she's almost 20 and is still living at home, what's with that shit? She also spends way too much buying crap she totally doesn't need and hanging out with some girl she calls Doan, which is fucking stupid, I mean why doesn't Amy just call Doan by her first name? Duh. OH YEAH, and she sings Poison lyrics at completely inappropriate times. But that's just hilarious."

The Doanster called like 20 minutes ago saying she was coming over, WHERE IS SHE?!?!?!

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