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Friends Only?

I'm probably going to make this journal friends only soon. I just deleted a bunch of people that either had dead journals or I didn't read anymore. Though if you ask nicely, I may just add you back.

I just want to have control over who reads my online journal, that's all.

In other news, I have been having the hardest time sleeping these days. Lately, I get to bed anytime between 1 and 4. That is another story for another day though--I have to get up early so I need to get at least some sleep.
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(no subject)

I signed up to take the SATs on May 3rd.

I feel silly that I am doing this later than society would have like me to, but I guess better late than never.
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Today was my day off! it was lovely. I just met with my trainer, got lost in portland, and stayed at home playing video games because EVERYONE WORKED TONIGHT. Super lame.

Will Ferrell needs to quit with the bad sports movies while he's behind.

I bought an extra ticket to the Tegan and Sara show in Salem on April 17th, is anyone interested? I'd have to double-check, but I think it is 30 dollars after fees. I've never been to the venue it's at, but it's assigned seating, which is different. I also bought Paramore tickets (shut up I like them) for their April 10th appearance at the Salem Armory, which is a nice (but small) venue. I bought two tickets for T&S BECAUSE it was assigned seating, but Paramore is GA, so idk why I bought two tickets to that one, buttt I did. Paramore is I think 36 dollars.

I want to switch schools and jobs in the summer or fall, because I'm comfortable where I'm at currently but that does need to change. I don't HATE Clark or Supercuts, but I am fairly apathetic about both, and neither are very constructive to where I want to be later on in life.

I guess that's that. I only work tomorrow this weekend--it's very bizarre to have Friday and Sunday off! Sunday I still kinda work tho--I'm doing both Sera's and the new receptionist at work's hair, then I have a meeting. Then I work Monday then have Tuesday off. Weird.

I'm happy. I hope everyone else is too.
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Well actually, I did not at all.
But I just found out today that I have to decide probably within the month if I want to go back to school full-time, before my daddy's new insurance kicks in.
EHHH @ life.

I have the very first weekend off in March, and I mentioned to my mother that I wanted to go to Coos Bay and Crescent City. She told my father this and now both my folks want to come with me. Which I am totally fine with, I love them dearly and they'll probably show me some interesting things, but isn't the point of a road trip to get away?
Oh, but it will be fun.

I have been running around since 5:30 this morning! It is so nice to sit. I wish my father didn't take so damn long to save Hyrule so I can play some video games!

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I haven't updated in a while, so here's a quick one just so you know whazzup.

As far as school goes, I dropped my business class because I hated the online forum. I'm really enjoying the career exploration class, right now we are just taking tedious tests and research but it is still pretty interesting. We've been studying the Holland codes a lot and all the tests and activities indicate my three highest codes are artistic, social, and enterprising, and that has helped me out a lot.

Work is going well, I haven't been job searching and I don't intend to. I make good money and my co-workers and I are getting along now. I think the holidays stressed everyone out, and I was feeling a great deal of hurt of what Darcie did over the summer, but that is water under the bridge now. As far as that goes, I am happy.

I have a personal goal to lose 40-50 pounds by my birthday, and that has been going great. I have a new personal trainer, who I like a lot better than my previous one (I don't think I posted that here, but my previous one was a flake and I got sick of calling him) and it's been going well. I'm unclear on exactly how much I've lost so far, but my pants are getting looser by the minute :) I've been making the gym a regular thing, I've been drinking tons of water, and I've been eating the same, just a little less than I did in the past.

My social life is currently DOA, but I'm not too concerned about that. People are busy, it will pick up in due time.

So, that's that. Isn't it crazy that January is almost over? I hope everyone else is doing well :)
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My New Year's celebration did not go as anticipate, but I had fun nonetheless. On Sunday, I woke up not feeling too well, but I figured the feeling would shake itself off, so I went on with my regular routine and got ready for work. At work, I started to feel worse, and I was about to ask my boss if I could go home sooner rather than later, but my assistant manager noticed I wasn't myself and talked to my boss for me and then I was sent home. Before I left, my assistant manager offered to cover my shift the next day if I still So I came home, took some meds, and slept for a good 6 hours. I really hoped that, whatever was ailing me, was simply a 24-hour bug, that I could work fine the next day, and I could go to the last party ever at Cori's old house. So I woke up about seven in the evening FEELING WORSE. I felt so weak I felt I couldn't get out of bed, and I only made it as far as my parents room. I was freezing cold then boiling hot. I was writhing in pain and I barely made it to the bathroom to throw up. I had a temp of 101.1, so I called my assistant manager about nine and she said she'd cover a part of my shift, but she'll call me around 1 and see if I'm feeling well enough then to work the rest of my shift, because she didn't want me to lose my holiday pay. I don't remember when I went to sleep, but I remember staying in my parents' bed, and waking up several times throughout the night because I was too hot or thirsty, and the times I woke up thirsty I just sat there for a while, because I couldn't go downstairs to get water. One time, I did get the strength to sit up and drink the rest of my vitamin water.

My mom and I woke up about the same time and I was still really hot and I had a headache. I took some Tylenol and retreated to the couch, and my dad covered me with a blanket when I protested I was too hot. When I wasn't sleeping, I was drinking some kind of fluid. I finally sent out some texts saying I couldn't make the party, and my boss called about 12:30 to see how I was doing. I said not too well, and she said it wasn't busy anyway. Mid afternoon I started feeling better, and my parents said I didn't feel as hot. I couldn't take my temp because I had been drinking cold drinks all day, but I was up and walking and the only thing that hurt was my throat. I tried to convince my parents I was well enough to go to the party, but they said I was probably just drugged on Tylenol. Annette, Brad, and Chris came over and we did our Christmas with them. My mom got Annette the Friends trivia game, which we played once we figured out the damn rules. We did teams, my dad with my sister, Annette with Brad, and myself with my mother, and my mom and I won! At that point, John had gotten off work and he came over, and we played Trivial Pursuit, with the teams this time being Kaitlyn and John, my dad and my brother, Brad and Annette again and my mom and I again. We had Dick Clark in the background and we stopped playing a good minute before the ball was to drop. We got disinterested in the game and we carried on with our regular New Year traditions. The adults drank champagne and us not yet 21 drank sparkling cider. Normally I love cider but the carbonation was wayyyy too much for my throat. Annette, Brad, Chris and my parents went to play poker at Elisha and Jude's, while my brother played games, my sister and John tried to find a place for John to spend the night, and I went to bed about 1:30.

I woke up today at 11 and the only thing that hurt was my throat. I'm really hoping this is the last day of sitting on the couch, drinking water and eating Saltines. The only plus side to being sick is losing weight, and I've lost seven pounds, so huzzah?? Not sure if it's worth feeling like crap though.

So New Year's ended up being pretty low-key, and I'm still bummed I missed Cheryl's last party, but I hadn't spent it with Brad and Annette for quite some years, and it's nice to spend it with people who have always been there. I mentioned I was going to be 20 this year and Kaitlyn and Chris both said they'll be 18 and done with high school, and Brad said it will be sad when us "kids" are grown up and out of the house, which he already got a taste of, and it is definitely strange. It's hard to say you'll make new memories when your old ones are so nice.

I have some goals I'd like to accomplish by my birthday, but if I don't reach them by then I will be okay with myself.
I hope everybody had a great celebration, and I hope everyone looks forward to a better new year.
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I told Anna that I finally accept the fact that it's Christmas.
This season surprisingly hasn't suck balls for me like it normally does. It's a little strange, because it seems as if it sucks for about every other .

I had an interview with Toni&Guy at the Lloyd Center about a week ago. The opportunity is great, but only if I want to make it my life. He also told me basically that I couldn't go to school. I want to GTFO of Supercuts, BUT I'M PICKY AND IT'S ANNOYING.

I'm hoping my mom gets some time to cut and color my hair today! IT FEELS SO GROSS.

Jeff Dunham is hilarious. In my opinion.

I gave blood for the first time today. She said my veins were so easy to find that she could find them in the dark. Then I almost passed out. My mom said I was paler than normal, if that's even possible.

My sister and my dad work tomorrow, so we're doing our presents tonight when my dad gets home, about seven. Neat. But then tomorrow, I have to go to my grandfather's house! GAHHHH! They say it's supposed to snow tonight, and this is the only time I am wishing for snow; I told my mom this and she said he wouldn't buy it and we'd still have to go down to Beaverton and see my oh-so-cheery family. GUHHHH.

My cat somehow fell last night, got half his body absolutely covered in mud, and it dried and he's all nasty dirty now. Fucking cat. I'm looking for somewhere to groom him, because I so do not want to wash him myself.
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So I'm watching What Perez Sez About 2007. Oh VH1, you truly deliver when it comes to deliciously tacky television.

I have to write my family Christmas letter. My paragraph will look something like this:

"Amy (19) enjoys playing Zelda while whining about how much she hates her job at a corporate salon while doing nothing to resolve that problem. Pretty lame, huh? Yeah, plus she's almost 20 and is still living at home, what's with that shit? She also spends way too much buying crap she totally doesn't need and hanging out with some girl she calls Doan, which is fucking stupid, I mean why doesn't Amy just call Doan by her first name? Duh. OH YEAH, and she sings Poison lyrics at completely inappropriate times. But that's just hilarious."

The Doanster called like 20 minutes ago saying she was coming over, WHERE IS SHE?!?!?!
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I am enrolled in school! Even in the class I didn't think I'd get in. Of course, I'm broke now. But I'm excited.

I was supposed to go to my boss's house and watch her and various other adults in their late 20's get drunk, but nobody got back to me. So whatever, another Saturday night at home. I am going to play a gross video game with my sister in two minutes.

I would really love to hide in my room until this month is over. Because I haven't said that a million times already. I'd elaborate, but my cats are whining.
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According to google, I definitely had a panic attack at the concert tonight.
I cannot even begin to describe how scared I was, and how scary it is to even think about the experience.

I just feel so stupid creating such a scene, and having Kaitlyn and Erik worry so much over me.
I'm just at a loss for words.